The system provides 3 core functions as an add on to Sky Mantis and any UAV:

Accurate position hold and navigation without GPS - in GPS denied environment or GPS spoofed / jammed ones. UAV will be able to function the same way it does when relying on GPS but the information being provided instead by Exa Iris based on computer vision processing from special cameras.


Exa Iris allows the UAV to either maintain hover keeping precise position without drifting regardless of wind or other conditions, same as it would using GPS or execute a map waypoint mission (for many kilometreswithout GPS and ultimately return to the take off point.

Collision avoidance with extremely wide and detailed coverage impossible to achieve from sonar, radar or LIDAR. Almost complete 360 x 360 x 360 “full 3D perimeter” coverage depth sensing with up to 100m obstacle detection range.


3D map building and live streaming. Exa Iris builds a detailed "point cloud” map of the surrounding environment (using a version of SLAM - Simultaneous Location and Mapping) which can be streamed live or stored for later analysis.


Using Exa Iris telemetry data integrators can develop self contained systems to navigate and explore hard to access areas, GPS denied environments and unexplored territories - from caves to even other planets, since the system is 100% self sufficient and does not require any existing infrastructure or reference points.

Exa Iris

SKU: P0E03002
  • Exa Iris Key Features

    Sense and avoid / collision avoidance

    Indoor, underground, tunnel orientation

    Computer vision based sensing

    Non-GPS, centimetre precision orientation

    GPS denied environment capable

    All around awareness

    Long range detection 
    (50 meters+)

    Passive, non emitting 
    (no laser or radar)

    High precision GPS (non RTK)

    RTK GPS support if required