A Sophisticated Cutting Edge Electronics & Software Workflow


Field to Cloud is a sophisticated cutting edge electronics and software workflow delivering live video from Sky Mantis on board cameras to anywhere in the world.


Now you can have instant real time intelligence at your fingertips anywhere in the world.

Field to Cloud

SKU: P0E03001
  • Seamless Streaming

    The live video has less than 1 second (600-800 millisecond lag / delay) when viewed through a compatible web browser.

    The video is streamed from the remote and out of the built in ethernet port via a 3G / 4G / Edge / LTE router or satellite link (or any IP VPN that you want and can utilise) to a secure server. From the server, the video is made available for remote viewing using a simple web browser (the browser access to the server is secure and encrypted).

    By default, no video is stored on the server and is passed through to the browser only. If required, video can be recorded on the server also, for offline viewing later (but this is optional).

    SAAS & Customer Hosted

    Field to Cloud is available in SAAS (hosted by Evolve Dynamics and charged monthly based on number of users and aircraft) and customer hosted (annual fixed software license regardless of usage) options.