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Rapid Response / Deployment Medium Size Multi Rotor Surveillance & Special Mission UAV

Sky Mantis

SKU: P0E01001
  • 7.3Kg all up weight

    1 hour true flight time (in-air / on-mission time)

    50 Mph capable (reduced flight time)

    Dual on board camera options

    X30 optical zoom HD 1080p RGB camera

    640x512 high resolution thermal / IR option

    HD live video streaming option

    5-10 Km video streaming range option

    225° viewing angle

    90° “straight up”, 90° “straight down” view

    20cm x 40cm x 13cm folded

    Rapid battery swap (under 20 seconds)

    Under 30 seconds from bag-to-air

    Rugged carry back pack

  • A rapid response / deployment medium size multi rotor surveillance and special mission drone designed to meet the Emergency Services and security requirements. With a 32 x optical zoom and thermal imaging camera , high IP rating and high wind tolerance this has proved popular with those involved in rapid response 24/7 tasks that want a light man-portable drone to support them in any situation. Coupled with a 1 hour true flight time and ability to video stream over 5km this is a drone to consider where all weather capability is key.