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Per day, bespoke course to convert you to being a capable and competent user of  any Autel / DJI enterprise drone type or for use in Specialist Roles.  Conducted at your location or at our Fonthill Bishop training centre.

Specialist Role or Type Training Course

SKU: T1A00008
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  • The Course will be in 3 phases:

    • Phase 1 – Online awareness training – an online video course with multiple choice quiz included to ensure the basic principles are understood prior to any flying. The videos show a chronological sequence of what planning is required before you leave home, how to set up at a flying site and of course how to conduct the flying safely and manage emergencies. This will include Operator’s Responsibilities and Safety – the DRONE code (the law!); how a drone works; and weather considerations that might affect your planned flight.
    • Phase 2 – Pre flight briefing. The pre-flight briefing will be carried out directly ahead of the flying sorties and the subsequent post-flight debrief at one of our training sites.
    • Flying Sorties (3 sorties) and Debriefs. Each flight is battery life dependent – most drones achieve about 20 minutes off a full charge, but sometimes a sortie can be completed more quickly allowing swifter progression onto the next task. We will tailor the course to suit the particular functions of individual drone types, however the content of the sorties is standard across most recreational level drones.

    All flights will be fully supervised and be one-on-one training. We will issue an ASG Drone Awareness Course Certificate of Completion.

  • Drone Awareness Training will be conducted at one of our training sites or at a location suitable for the Customer. The best location to conduct the course will be discussed with the Customer following initial application. We will do our best to meet your requirements and convenience whilst providing a safe and legal flying training location.

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