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All our instructors are professional aviators with military experience to provide you with a first class and professional training environment.  We have developed two new courses to suit both new Remote Pilots (Level 4) and qualified Service Remote Pilots (Level 5).

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Level 4 in Unmanned Air Systems - £2,400 inc VAT
Level 5 in Unmanned Air Systems - Coming Soon 
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Why use ASG for your Resettlement training?

As a Service leaver, you want to know that your training needs are being met by people who understand the journey you are on, having been there themselves and followed that same transition pathway.  ASG pride themselves on being 100% staffed by veterans.


We are an ELCAS approved Learning Provider (ID: 9355) so you can use your ELCAS Higher or Lower tier funding to cover up 80% of the course price meaning that you could pay as little as £400 for a course. 


All normal ELCAS claim regulations apply


The full course price is £2,400 including VAT


To reserve a place on a L4 or L5 Award course, select the ELCAS tier you are claiming and select the date of the course then add to your basket.

Upload an approved Claim Authorisation Note  (Higher Tier - £2,000 and Lower Tier - £1,000) and you will only need to pay the difference.



Note: If a valid CAN form is not received within 14 days of the course start date, you will be invoiced for the difference. 


Once a valid CAN form has been received, you may re-arrange your course date at any time.

Level 4 in Unmanned Air Systems (RQF)
Course Overview

This course follows the new Level 4 Award specification, which we developed in conjunction with TQUK.  This qualification is fully regulated by OFQUAL​.  Our new two-part course runs over two separate weeks - you choose the dates that suits you. 


The first week gets you flying safely and focuses on getting you into the aviator mindset. 


The second week's aim is to get you operating effectively; building confidence and giving you the opportunity to try many different systems, including Fixed wing and use many different techniques so that you can move forward as a capable Remote Pilot.

Week 1 - Flying Safely

  • Ground based knowledge training and multi-choice exam.

  • Flying skills training (Multi-Rotor)

  • Practical Flying Assessment (Multi-Rotor)

  • Resettlement discussion - Planning your own drone business / finding a job in the UAS Sector

Week 2 - Operating Effectively

  • Flying skills training (Fixed Wing)

  • Practical Flying Assessment (Fixed Wing)

  • Practical Photography and Video Observation techniques

  • Practical Photogrammetry

  • Introduction to Night Flying and Working with Infra-Red

The course leads to the L4 Award in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (RQF).  The L4 Award requires the completion of written workbook as well as the practical flight test.  This workbook may be submitted up to 8 weeks after completing Week 1.  ASG will provide you with an A2 CofC and GVC (Multi Rotor) once you have fully completed your L4 Award.  Week 2 can be completed anytime in the following 6 months after Week 1.  Once you have completed both the L4 Award and Week 2, you will receive a GVC (Fixed Wing).


If you decide to apply the CAA for your own Specific Category Operational Authorisation, we will support you with writing your Operations Manual.  The cost of applying to the CAA is not included in this course.

Fly in the Open Category (A1, A2)
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From £55 +VAT

A2CofC Online Exam

A2CofC Training & Exam

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£795 +VAT

A2 CofC to GVC Upgrade

£850 +VAT


Including A2CofC Exam

£400 +VAT



£600 +VAT

DJI Matrice 300 RTK

Users Course