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Bluelight Services


Our whole team are professional aviators and support staff through and through, with varied police, SAR  and military aviation backgrounds.  All are highly competent and our instructors and will provide you with a first class training experience.  We have significant current experience with 'bluelight' organisations providing a full range of training, managed operator and equipment supply and support services.

Need some 'Zero to Hero' training?   Just Ask ASG... and let us quote you for delivery at your choice of location at a time that suits your team. 


As a highly experienced aviation consultancy, specialising in both operational and engineering support, ASG can assist you right across the UAS spectrum.

With a background in both civil and military manned aviation, as both operators and as engineers providing all the test and support services required to bring new aircraft types into military service, we can help you understand your specific 'use cases', tailoring your complete operational and user requirements for equipment purchases and operator training.  We can also provide drone equipment, operator training, software support, senior manager and safety manager assistance and even a complete 'managed service'.

Also a CAA-approved RAE, our staff have many years of experience delivering flying training and we are used to taking raw untrained staff from 'all the gear but no idea' all the way up to 'fully qualified, current and competent' and ready to star in the next 'Police, Camera, Action' type documentary.  We have trained numerous RPs from raw, through basic A2/GVC level and on up to operational type conversion with realistic Police and Fire & Rescue Services scenarios, including night flying and IR surveillance techniques.  As highly experienced operators, let us share our knowledge to improve your team's operational effectiveness!

We have developed type training with highly effective and relevant scenarios, using direct feedback to take that newly qualified GVC holding remote pilot up to the next level, ready to make their Sergeant or Group Manager proud.


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