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Agriculture Drone

Flying Training


All our instructors are professional aviators with civil, military and current drone experience to provide a first class training environment.

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Half day - £400 + VAT
Full Day - £800 + VAT

Whether you are new to drone flying or are planning to take your GVC assessment and want to brush up on the flying skills, we have a friendly instructor to help you.  The aim here is to give you greater confidence in flying your own drone. 

Course Overview

This will be one to one training with our instructors at one of our designated outdoors flying locations where you can relax and gain confidence in your flying. The course will include:

  • 1/2 day or full day one to one session

  • Drone hire

  • Insurance

  • Refresh on flight planning that ensures safe flight within the law

  • Setting up your drone for flight / Briefing

  • Flying skills

  • Emergency handling

  • Debriefing and Post flying checks / requirements

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