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As part of our support to our Clients we try to promote those drones that are more popular with professional Users in a variety of environments.  There is no one size fits all and often a blend of drone models may be required.  Why not talk to us and see if we can help?


DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced


Highly capable, compact and cost effective – the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is the most sophisticated Mavic yet. With high resolution and radiometric thermal imaging sensor and a 48MP visual camera, it provides unrivalled quality for its compact size and price. An RTK module provides centimetre-level positioning accuracy and it can be fitted with a spotlight, strobe or speaker for search and rescue missions.


DJI Matrice 300 RTK


The Matrice 300 RTK (M300RTK), is the flagship inspection drone by the market leading DJI. With advanced features and incredible capabilities, the M300RTK is the go-to system for those serious about inspections, surveying and public safety. With many payload options and configurations and a maximum flight time of 57 minutes, this is the most cost-effective drone solution on the market.


Evolve Dynamics Sky Mantis


A rapid response / deployment medium size multi rotor surveillance and special mission drone designed to meet the Emergency Services and security requirements.  With a x30 optical zoom, thermal imaging camera , IP54 rating and high wind tolerance (21m/s) this has proved popular with those involved in rapid response 24/7 tasks that want a light man-portable drone to support them in any situation.  Coupled with a 1 hour true flight time and ability to video stream over 5km this is a drone to consider where all weather capability is key.


Dronedesk is a beautifully simple web application that enables you to run your commercial drone operation efficiently, securely and compliantly.

It's got everything from CRM to detailed flight planning including checklists, risk assessments, NOTAMs, hourly weather, air and ground hazards, flight logging and reporting.

And, it's FREE to sign up.


Get yourself drone trained and qualified by us.

See our courses below or Ask ASG...

Beginners and Refreshers
Fly in the Open Category (A1, A2)
Course 3.jpg
£350 +VAT
Beginners and Refreshers

Practical Flying Training

Hand Launch.jpg
From £55 +VAT

A2CofC Online Exam

A2CofC Training & Exam

General 2.jpg
£795 +VAT

A2 CofC to GVC Upgrade

£850 +VAT


Including A2CofC Exam

£400 +VAT



£600 +VAT

DJI Matrice 300 RTK

Users Course 

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