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It can be so frustrating waiting for the right weather to fly in! Fly when it’s too windy – whoops! Byebye drone… Too wet – the rain and moisture get inside the drone and it doesn’t work properly… Too cold or snowing – and ‘it’s against the manufacturer’s advice’ so if something goes wrong, the insurance doesn’t cover you… Too hot? Extreme heat can put unnecessary wear and tear on batteries and computers…

That leaves days like today: stunning weather, but bitingly cold at times.

How confident do you feel with your drone? Very? That’s excellent news. Not very? Well, we can help you there.

As a recreational flyer, maybe you haven’t flown your drone much yet and would appreciate some time in a small group or individually learning the ropes. We use our DJI Phantom 4 to demonstrate techniques, but the most benefit is gained through flying your own drone on the course, which will be tailored to ensure you learn its specific functions.

Not only that, but we’ll help you learn what planning you need to do before you set out, how to set up at a flying site and of course, how to fly safely and manage emergencies. This will include the Operator’s Responsibilities and Safety – the DRONE code (the law!); how a drone works; and weather considerations that might affect your planned flight. We’ll teach you how to work out where you can fly and when too. We don’t want another #GatwickIncident!

We’ll do three sorties and all flights will be fully supervised and one-on-one training. Afterwards we’ll issue an ASG Drone Awareness Course Certificate of Completion.

Let’s get you trained, so you can get out and about and make the most of 2019.

To find out more, click here.

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