This 2 day course will teach the Ground School subjects followed by a short exam required to support your application for an Operational Authorisation (OA) in the Specified Category with the CAA. This process will also include an assessment of your Operations Manual and a short Practical Flight Assessment.  ASG will then issue your GVC and assist you with your Operational Authorisation application to the CAA for the award of your Operational Authorisation.  During to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, the Ground School element of this course is being taught online. 


Note that this course does NOT inlcude your application to the CAA for an Operational Authorisation.

GVC Course

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  • The GVC syallabus is in 3 phases:

    Phase 1 – Students receive a Pre-Course Learning manual to help provide some initial focussed background reading on the key subjects that will be covered during the Groundschool Course. Students will also recive a draft opererations manual guide so that they can start to consider how they will describe there particular business operations.

    Phase 2 – During this phase students attend a 2 day groundschool classroom based course that covers the following topics:

    • Principles of Flight
    • Meteorology
    • Air Law
    • Aispace Operating Principles
    • Airmanship & Aviation Safety
    • Human Factors
    • Navigation
    • Aircraft Knowledge
    • Flight planning and operational procedures
    • Safety Management
    • Groundschool mulptiple choice based exam

    Phase 3 – Operations Manual and Practical Flight Assessment (PFA) is the final phase before submission to the CAA of all paperwork required for an Operational Authorisation.  This requires students to complete their operations manual and have it assesed as of an appropiate standard; be current in UAS flying and have relevant flight insurance to undergo a PFA with an ASG assessor.   The PFA is carried out out at an ASG approved location and confirms planning, flying and safety skills in accordance with the student's approved Operations Manual.


  • Online only during COVID-19 lockdown