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Includes M300 RTK body with single payload mount and 2 x TB60 batteries, SmartController Enterprise and WB37 external battery, carrying case, BS60 Intelligent Battery Station, tool and cleaning kit.


The Matrice 300 RTK sets a new standard for industrial drones by combining intelligence with high performance and unrivalled dependability. DJI's M300 RTK drone is a brand-new model. This is a cutting-edge drone platform with unsurpassed flight performance and exceptional safety features.


The M300 RTK has a maximum flight time of 55 minutes, advanced AI capabilities, six-directional sensing and localization, and other features. This sets an entirely new industry standard for intelligence and performance, resulting in unrivalled dependability.


Available payloads include the H20N, H20T, H20, L1 and P1 cameras


Excluding Sales Tax
    • 15 km Max Transmission
    • 55-min Max Flight Time
    • 6 Directional Sensing & Positioning
    • Hot-swappable Battery
    • Improved Transmission System
    • 55-min Max Flight Time
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